NEPS 2015 Speakers

2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit

Mountaintop Church A/G, Hackettstown, New Jersey

Thursday-Sunday, April 16-19, 2015


L. A. Marzulli - author, lecturer, researcher, and film maker - was a Featured Speaker at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit, April 16-19, in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

L. A. Marzulli

L. A. Marzulli is an author, researcher, lecturer, and film maker. He has lectured on the fascinating subjects of the Nephilim, UFOs, and alien encounters, presenting his exhaustive research at churches and subject-matter conferences, as well as appearances and interviews on numerous national radio and television programs.

L.A. has penned eight books including “The Nephilim Trilogy” which made the CBA best sellers list and for which he received an honorary doctorate from Pacific International University.

He has also authored “Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural,” “The Alien Interviews,” and “The Cosmic Chess Match” (released in 2011).  Marzulli has teamed up with film producer Richard Shaw to create the 8 DVD Watchers Series (“Watchers 9” is due out soon!)  His newest series, “On the Trail of the Nephilim,” is a full-color, over-sized book which uncovers startling evidence that there has been a massive cover up of what he believes are the remains of the Nephilim, the giants mentioned in the Bible (e.g., Genesis 6)!  Volume II in the series has been released and has even more incredible and revealing photographs and interviews!  L. A. is definitely “On the Trail!”

The 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit  provided a great opportunity for area fans to see L. A. in person this past April.  L.A. presented four incredible conference Sessions including the “UFO Update,” “On the Trail of the Nephilim,” “Nephilim Architecture: Fallen Angel Technology,” and “Days of Chaos.”

Doug Hamp - pastor, author, lecturer, and ancient languages scholar - was a Featured Speaker at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit, April 16-19, in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Doug Hamp

Douglas Hamp lectures frequently on Biblical languages, Creationism, and End-Times Bible Prophecy in the United States and internationally in both English and Spanish. His linguistic insights have made him a sought after speaker at conferences with thousands in attendance as well as a guest on radio shows with millions of listeners (such as Coast to Coast and  Southwest Radio) and various TV shows (such as Prophecy in the News).

He is an outside of the box thinker and brings a fresh and unique perspective of the Word of God based on years of research.  His goal in all of his work is to demonstrate the literal interpretation of the Word.  End Times Bible prophecy is the most popular topic on which he teaches.

Doug graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an M.A. in the Hebrew Bible and Its World where he specialized in ancient languages including Biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.  He served as an assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for six years, where he lectured and developed curriculum at the School of Ministry, Spanish School of Ministry and Calvary Chapel Bible College Graduate School.  He is the author of “Discovering the Language of Jesus,” “The First Six Days,” “Corrupting the Image,” and the “Millennium Chronicles,” as well as numerous articles, and DVD presentations.

We were blessed to have Doug with us at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit in April.  L.A. offered four incredible conference Sessions including the “Genetics of the Incarnation,” the “Rise of the Nephilim,” the “Genetics of the Mark of the Beast,” and “Antichrist, Freemasons, and the Third Temple.”

Menachem Kohen - rabbi, author, and lecturer - provided the Keynote Address and was a Featured Speaker at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit, April 16-19, in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Rabbi Menachem Kohen

Rabbi Menachem Kohen spends his time teaching and lecturing – both in Israel and in the United States.  In a world that has become so volatile and dangerous – in a world where natural disasters, terror, and war have become so commonplace – Rabbi Kohen regularly demonstrates through the prism of Torah that we are not floundering in a ship without a captain, that no event occurs by coincidence or accident, and that God is intervening in a planned fashion that is already predicted in the form of understandable (but sometimes “hidden”) Bible prophecies.

Rabbi Kohen is the author of the electrifying book entitled “PROPHECIES FOR THE ERA OF MUSLIM TERROR; A Torah Perspective on World Events.”  He has been a welcomed guest teacher in the End Times Studies Program at Mountaintop Church, a former and future participant in Northeast Prophecy Summit’s Distinguished Lecture Series, and the Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit in Budd Lake, New Jersey, on April 16th.  He was also a key participant at Speaker’s Panel Discussion and Meet-and-Greet on Sunday, April 19th.

The Rabbi comforted and inspired the conference audiences through a presentation of largely overlooked Bible prophecies.  The Rabbi’s Keynote Address, “Prophecy – Do We Need It?,” provided positive reasons why God’s prophetic Word is important in our day-to-day lives and why ignoring his foreknowledge – which He so graciously chooses to share with us – dooms us to making serious mistakes in our current geopolitical dealings.  Rabbi Kohen’s inspired insights were also fully evident at Sunday’s Panel Discussion.

Russ Dizdar at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit

Russ Dizdar

Russ Dizdar started out in the AoG Church, was licensed to and then ordained to the ministry by the SBC in October 1978 at Green Baptist Church.  Russ has studied at Cumberland College (Biblical Studies), the University of Akron (Criminology and Military Science), 2 1/2 years at Moody Bible School and, at Malone College (1984), he went through graduating services for a BA in Religion/Philosophy, with advanced studies in Theology, Apologetics, and Greek.

Russ has been to many training conferences and seminars including those on Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA-MPD-DID, Mind Control, Spiritual Warfare, Abduction Research, Deliverance/Evangelism and other various fields.   He has studied at Emerge counseling center in Basics of Biblical Counseling and Crisis Counseling.  Russ also has extensive training in Nothetic Counseling, Theophostics, Wise Counsel, and Mind Control Deprogramming and Exit Counseling.  He has also experienced the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA), UAPD police training, DEFTEC law enforcement training in advanced occult and cult crimes, and 6 Specialized Occult/Satanic Crimes Training seminars with Tom Wedge (author of “The Satan Hunter“).

He has served as Sr. Pastor of 4 churches and has written/taught 14 college level courses during the last 30 years. He was also Ex. Director of Greater Akron Youth For Christ and a Police Chaplain UNIT 78 UAPD.  He is the Founder (1982) and now directs Shatter the Darkness and Preemption Broadcast (2007).  Russ has preached in Churches in 8 states, held training seminars, and loves to do crusade evangelism. He has launched web sites and broadcasts messages that have been heard and downloaded in over 110 countries.

At the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit, Russ shared his unique perspective in four dynamic Sessions that included: “Prophecy Prepared: The Real Luminaries,” the “Prediction of Radical Supernatural Evil,” “he Nephilim Quest: A Master Race,” and “he Troops of the Antichrist: Chosen Ones / Satanic Super-Soldiers.”

Ben John - author, researcher, lecturer, and teacher - was a Featured Speaker at the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit, April 16-19, in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Ben John

Ben John has spent forty-five years as a computer software specialist, primarily in the area of embedded systems development for both military and large-scale commercial applications.

Ben has worked around the world in varying capacities for such diverse clients as the US Army, the US Navy, the US Marines, the National Security Agency, the Office of Naval Intelligence, NATO, Bell Labs, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, NBC, IDEXX Labs, Joy Mining, the Royal Bank of Canada, and many others.

Ben has taught and lectured on the End Times throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.  He has produced more than a dozen multimedia courses in Traditional Eschatology and current End Times topics including, among others, John’s Many Antichrists, the Day’s of Noah, Genetic Entropy, the Book of Revelation, Israel’s role in the End Times, Islam and the Middle East, the Coming Wars of Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38/39, the Mark of the Beast, and How We Got Our Bible.

At the 2015 Northeast Prophecy Summit, Ben’s opening-night history lesson, “The Middle East Update: Dividing the Land of Israel – Again,” put an entirely new perspective on the current Middle East situation in his whirlwind historical tour spanning 6000 years – all in less than an hour!  The centerpiece of the presentation was the stunning analysis of World War I and it’s implications on the Middle East today. His new book, “Don’t Buy Any Green Bananas: The Official Hitchhikers Guide to the Coming Great Deception and the Many Antichrists at the End of Days,” targeted for release in the late Summer, was previewed during the Summit and brought an interesting Berean perspective to the problems facing Christians as we engage the End of Days.